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Missing name from job applicants

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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Re: " i have sent the email from my gmail account because av been unable to send it from my account."

I think you should try contacting oDesk support using a method which is NOT email.

I suggest you log into your oDesk account and click on question mark icon in upper right corner of screen, then click on Help and Support link that appears in drop down menu. You will be taken to ODesk Help Center page. Once there, you can click on Green "Submit a Request" button. Use that instead of email to ask your question about whether or not your account is under review.
Community Guru
Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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Re: "When an account is under review, does it lead to an ultimate shut down, or how long does it take for it to come back to normalcy?"

Usually having your account under review does not lead to suspension from oDesk, but sometimes it does, but that would typically only be do unto a pattern of repeated negative outcomes with client satisfaction or because of clear violation of oDesk policies.

Although accounts are put on review by automated algorithms, it takes an actual human oDesk worker who reviews you account to actually suspend a contractor's account.

If you prepare your account for formal review by completing all current contracts and having all clients close the contracts, then you will need to wait two weeks and then you can contact customer support to have them begin their formal review of your account, which they say can take two weeks, but it may take less time; it may take more. You will not be notified of the outcome.