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Missing some time in the tracker.

Hi, I want to ask why there are some time missing on my time tracker? I was in a 1 hour 20 minutes meeting but it only tracked the first 20 minutes and the last 30 minutes. I’ve lost 30 minutes of tracked time. Is it because I wasn’t doing anything? Since I was mostly only listening at the others. I mean, should I play with my mouse so the time is tracked while doing the meetings? That's kind of dumb.


Hi Bawenang,


Thank you for your message. I am sorry to hear about the missing hour. The Desktop App may go on idle in case there is no activity at a given interval. You may request your client to issue a bonus on the contract for the missed time. 


Thank you,


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Yes, you must click like monkey all time.

I have lost lot of time before: a while waited for file copy, test running, compiling watching. Now i clicking to activity always. Yes, it is stupid action, but no other way. 

It works the way it is designed to work.


If the way that the desktop time tracker is not conducive to the work done by a particular freelancer, he may wish to use manually-logged time, or fixed-price contracts.


Not all work appropriate for use with the Upwork desktop time-tracker.


For example, a food photographer whose work involves preparing recipes in the kitchen and photographing them for a cookbook or client's blog. This is appropriate work for an hourly contract. But as it primarily is not done on a computer, such a freelancer would use manually-logged time.

Sure. But only one way to get protection is active time tracker. All other ways, like manual time, bonuses, fixedprice is unprotected. Maybe I'm wrong, that's all I saw.

In all other cases, additional efforts on the part of the client are required. The client may be busy or lazy. He will have to view manual time, add milestones, approve payments. Most do not want to do extra work, even leave a review. As for me, I believe that the client should do as little as possible. If he has extra time, then he can do the work himself and he does not need to hire anyone. So easy work start-complete with no effort is a good deal.

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