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Mistaken Chat Actions

Dear moderators, I'm asking your help. I've mistaken the chat rooms and added my client to a chat room with my another client and then immediately removed him. It was my mistake. I would not like my second client to see that activity in the chat. Could you help me to hide/make invisible that actions (adding and removing) from the chat?

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Hi Hovhannes, The client you were referring to will no longer have access to the chat room where you added him. You added and immediately removed him. He won't be able to see any activities on that chat room.

~ Jo-An


Thanks for your reply, Jo-An B! The person whom I added and removed will no longer see that activity, but the person who is in that chat with me will see that actions, so I'm worried about that.

Just inform him that was by mistake. 


I wrote him that it was a mistake. But while he's not online I would like to hide that activity in order to escape any further misunderstandings.

So any support you can provide me to hide the history of that activity from my second client who actually sees all actions?

The client will see that you added and removed someone. This can not be hidden.

Sad to hear that. I was hoping that support team could help me.

What would be the point of hiding it after you have already advised the client that it happened by accident?

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