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Misuse of "Invitation to Interview"

I just got an "Invitation to Interview" that was a request for referrals with a promise of a 25% finder's fee paid to me. What's up with that and how can oDesk be allowing this?

The "invitation" included budget of "$0.00". I thought that was forbidden.

Since all the changes to oDesk I've been receiving a large number of irrelevant, deceptive or inappropriate "Invitation to Interview". When I contacted oDesk support the response was comical. The "specialist" seemed to have no clue of what an  "Invitation to Interview" even was, let alone how to eliminate unwanted ones.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Ray,


I am sorry about that. When you decline the invitation to an interview you can block the client from contacting you again. Additionally, you can change your profile visibility and availability settings. Otherwise, as the support chat rep explained currently there is no option to filter invitations from clients.

~ Valeria