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Moans that Question, and Questions that Moan

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James T Member Since: Oct 12, 2015
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Greetings fellow freelancers.........

So, I have been busy working on here for nearly 3 months now and I have built up a very solid profile and excellent feedback. I joined Upwork not out of choice but because there was no pther choice, if i wanted to stay with Elance........Since moving from Elance I have noticed so many changes - most of which are poor and substandard....


1) My account was suspended for oveer 2 weeks due to the client being dodgy/scammer - NOT ME, yet my wwhole account was frozen. I lost many new clients and got Zero help in the way of an explanation. Then one day it was back on, with no reason. Therefore - How can a whole account be suspennded without warning and for something that is out of your hands?


2) It takes so loing to get paid! Why?


3) There seeem to be so many scamming clients and dodgy jobs on here, it's like a minefield. Does Upwork do any sort of vetting before excepting?


4) It seems that the majority of clients on here would rather take a freelancer on for a job where they pay absolute peanuts. What about the quality of work?

I am pretty sure that an English native with several years of proessional writing already has more experience than a non-native who has just signed up but offered to do the job for a loaf of bread. How do we compete with lowballing bids, it really is not fair


5) When applying for a job and making proposal, why can you only attach 1 file??  Surely you should be able to attach more, on Elance I could attach as many files as I wanted and this showed variation and style?


6) This one really makes me angry - Why when a client doesn't leave feedback does it affect your success rate?? I ask alll my clients to leave a review, some do while others are just ignorant? I think its a ridiculous measuing stick - why don't upwork enforce the feedback from client?


7) Connects - So you get a piddly amount of connects on the basic and more if you pay a monthly fee. Now this has happened to me before - I had 18 proposals I had written, so most of my connects were used. these jobs never got filled meaning the client didn't bother returning or the time limit ran outr, is this the fault of the freelancer? Surely all connects lost due to a lazy waster of a client should be refunded back?


8) Why can some customer service agents answer some of your questions, while others cannot answer exactly the same questions? And why do they consistantly brush you off in favor of writing a ticket that takes forever to anser?


9) Are the job listings that require you to make a tripadvisor account and write reviews a scam?  if so why are they even allowed rto post jobs like that oin upwork?


So to summarize, I personally feel I was better off at Elance but I am really trying to make a real go of it on upwork-  but after reading so many posts on here, literally hundreds and hunfreds all saying pretty much what I have then shouldnt Upwork really address these issues - we are the people that make them money after all - anybody can be a client.


Many thanks. I feel better getting this off my chest and I hope someone can enlighten me on some of my gripes.


All the best,


Vladimir G Moderator Member Since: Oct 31, 2014
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Hi James,


I see you received a notification when our team placed your financial account on hold, which didn't prevent you from working on your existing contracts and communicating with your clients. I also see our team responded on your tickets on a number of occasions, asking for information related to your client and to the issue with your withdrawal method. Your account was resumed after 7 days, but if you were more cooperative and replied to our requests, the review process would have been completed earlier. 


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James T Member Since: Oct 12, 2015
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OH Vladimir,

Thank you for your constructive retort.  What you may or may not have noticed is that I was getting requests several days after my account had been suspended due to a client I was working for.

i wrote several emails and got the same robotic response from different people. I was also getting told different stories.

iwas cooperative to a point and not answering any of my questions was infuriating.

 So in relation to my post above I am merely letting off steam, as are hundreds of other people on seems.

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Stelian O Member Since: Nov 19, 2015
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James, I’m almost in the same boat as you are but with my Elance account and with the only major difference is that my client is a very serious one. But Elance decided to interfere between us because we haven’t used the Workroom which is quite ridiculous.


I couldn’t agree more with you on the fact that the Support Team is not of a major help in providing specific answers to your questions other than copy-pasting the same generic messages over and over again. I got lucky that I found a nice guy among Support Team that was willing to help me and after five consecutive attempts to get my Elance ID verified I finally managed to successfully get the Account verified badge.  However, my account is still in review mode and I still can’t withdraw my money and apply for jobs, until they finish speaking with my client


I perfectly understand your frustration and to be quite honest with you I can’t handle this anymore, I’m stressed out beyond imagination, I can barely sleep as this is my only source of income. It’s already 2 weeks since this issue persist and I think it must stop.


With whole sincerity, I feel that they’re treating us like terrorists, there are so many freelancers that complain about this account suspension issues that something smells fishy, this is not something normal.


James wish you all the best and hope your account will be restored back to normal


PS: I wrote more about my account suspension here: