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Mobile App Feature Request



Android new app is quite well but missing my favourite feature 'Pull Down to Refresh'. This feature was in previous app, but missing in light app version. Who else love this feature?

I hope It will be the part of next releasebu Upwork.


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Community Manager

Hi Mumtaz,


Thanks for sharing your feedback with us! I already sent your feedback to our mobile team for consideration.


Thank you.

~ Aleksandar

Hi. If you are in a position to convey some ideas to the app developers I would also like to add some constructive criticism.

-there is too much unused space when looking at a job search results. I have one of the biggest phones you can buy on the market and I can see one and a half jobs. You can fit 5.

-after hitting search keyboard doesn't go away taking even more space on already very poorly designed page.

-in many situations where you change the layout or it's better to say the ratio or the screen, split screen, just orientation or even just touching something the app will return some previously remembered part of the interface. Example- you are searching for jobs and then after going into a split screen mode the application will return to some obscure chat you were visiting 2 hours ago.

-in the upper part of the screen there is your picture and the name of the page you are on. To clarify you have information for the page your are on already on the bottom of the screen you really don't need two places for that. and I know how I look I don't need a picture of myself.
My impressions and some objective results after using new app:
in general from application that was very helpful became something that I avoid and is very slow.
For now I missed an opportunity or two and since sometime what I do is not so common there might be a client or two left Upwork a bit less satisfied than they should have been.
Thanks you.
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