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Mobile app keeps getting worse with every update

Ace Contributor
Agustin V Member Since: Sep 26, 2017
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Since a couple a months ago, each update for the UpWork mobile app makes it works worse every time. 


At first, Invitations and Offers notifications stop working from one moment to another. I think I don't need to say how bad this is since you are NOT knowing if you get a proposal.

Then, Messages notifications followed.

Now, Messages notifications works sometimes, Invitations and Offers don't, and the option to choose the notifications sound was disabled.


Also, we don't have to forget the fact the app lacks options and functions that makes way productive the use of the mobile site instead.




This post was uploaded days before the new app was released. After trying the newest app for a couple of week, I have to say that it fixes several issues from the previous one.

However, is does add a new problem, being this that the new app runs way more slower. Also, it includes the eternal problem with the Messages tab that you can find algo in the website version of the site, making this section take an obscene amount of time to load.

Ace Contributor
Nicholas K Member Since: May 11, 2016
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Indeed the app requires upgrade. Furthermore, one problem I have noticed is that I can not upload any document when I apply for a job on the mobile. I always get an error message. I have not tried to attach a doc in messages section to see if it works there or same story.

Edit: I have just now downloaded also the Upwork for Freelancers app to give it a try. It looks like it includes some features missing from the original app, however it appears to be slower. Will try it further and revert with comments about its overall functionality.

Bojan S Moderator Member Since: Mar 9, 2018
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Hi Agustin,



Sorry to hear you've had a negative experience with Upwork App. Could you please clarify if you are using the new Upwork for Freelancers App and whether you use it on iOS or Android?


Thank you.

~ Bojan