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Modus operandi - Accomplishing project for free?

There are clients who "seems" to accomplish their projects by sending unpaid tests (or some clients call it "Interview question") to multiple freelancers?

Interview questions like:
To test your skills, send me 5 links of products suitable for dropshipping?
To gauge that you understand the process, send me 3 emails of Therapist in New york?

I had two incidents where a client interview 100+  freelancers, afterwards, the job posting will either expire or just declined all interviewees, without hiring anyone - "Job is closed".  I will understand if this happen to a project that has a complex nature, but for a data entry/research task like the above, I doubt if the client really cannot find suitable freelancer from interviewees which he personally pick and sent personal invites to (most likely  top rated freelancers). In some cases, upon declining all interviewees, they will repost same job posting and fish for victims again. This is just a suspicion but I have screenshots that can somehow establish this.

For a freelancer who seldom receive invites for interview, they'll do almost anything the client asks for as part of interview process hoping they'll get hired. Poor freelancers.

I wonder how Upwork in the interest of the freelancers, handle this, or if Upwork is aware of this Modus operandi at all. 

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Upwork does not allow clients to request free work disguised as a test. However, they can't always catch it, especially when the client doesn't ask until the interview stage. Report those clients.

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