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Money Transaction problem


It has been 2 business days since Upwork transfered funds to my bank account (USD) but still it hasn't shown up on my account. I called my bank and they said there's no transfers or activity on my account. I checked my bank information where i chose "Local bank". All of my information are correct. I suspect the problem is due to me selecting a USD currency account through wire transfer. I changed my account info as the local currency (TRL). How can i learn what happened to my funds? What should I do to receive my payment? It appears as paid on Upwork system but i have no clue where money has gone. I would appreciate if you could help me.

Thank you.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Sinan,


It can take a couple of business days for the funds to arrive on your bank account. If it hasn't reflected on your account after 8-business days, please reach out to us so that we can issue a trace for you.


Thank you!

~ Bojan
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