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Money in Pending Returned to the client

This week, I was hired by Nello UK for Expert-VA. He asked to me help him to pay for his supplier via Alipay as he didn't have an Alipay account. Nello was from a translation agency. He mentioned he will pay and release the money to me and when the money is in pending, i can pay his supplier via Alipay. Please see the attched document he sent to me for more details. 

And I did what he requested. I paid with my own money and waited the pending money to become available. But, out of blue, I received an email from Upwork saying that the money has been returned to the client...Why? I already finised the job...And the client confirmed he received the money. 

Now, I completed the job and lost my own money about CNY 6000!! 

Hope someone could help me.


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you have been scammed!!


Hi Sophia,


We can see that you already have an open ticket regarding this issue. One of our agents will update your ticket and assist you further. 

~ Joanne
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This is a well known and pretty old scam.

You've violated ToS of Upwork too. Such transactions are not allowed here.

You will not get that amount back. May be you can try raise a complaint with your local police cybercell to get that back. Chances of getting back that money are very less though.

Thank you for your reply. I shouldnt trust him... no work out of Upwork.

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