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Money -payment transfer to Serbia


I think for myself that I am still relatively new on Upwork platform. I am working something less than 1,5 years, now. I struggle for every step forward, and love all my success here on platform.

Soon after I started with regulary tax payment as freelancer in Serbia, I opened agency so I can do flat rate tax payment and strated to transfer money from Upwork via wire transfer to my business bank account in local bank in Serbia. 

Now, I have issue: Bank clerk warning, that this kind of payment is unlawful in Serbia, is solved by acountant, and invoice written to Upwork. But, still remain the note that any work from Serbia with i.e. for foreign customers must be done in direct contract and direct payment from foreign customer to business bank account in Serbia, and work and payment on an intermediary platform is not lawful to the Serbian laws. My thoughts was: Oh no, again, I break the law.

I know that there are many freelancers from Serbia, with more and longer experience on the Upwork platform than me. I would like responser from anyone from Serbia here, on platform, how do you deal and how are you feel with this. 

Thank you.


Andjela V.

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