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Money transfer

I've been working on my first job via Upwork. My first bank transfer is due on Wednesday. Will it include the funds that are due to be relased on Wednesday, or only what has been released from previous weeks? As I would like it to include the pending payment, I'm wondering if I should delay the transfer.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Vicki,


If you are referring to the scheduled withdrawal, then it'll include the earnings that will become available on Wednesday as well.

~ Valeria

Thanks Valeria,


I found something in the Help section after I posted here. I sounds like if there's money in my account before the scheduled withdrawal (as is my case), it will include the pending amount. But if my balance was zero, the pending balance due to be released on the scheduled withdrawal day wouldn't be available until the next withdrawal day. Is this correct? I wasn't certain if I was properly understanding what it said.

Hi Vicki,


I'm not sure which Help article you're referencing, could you please clarify?


~ Vladimir