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Monthly payment

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Julio L Member Since: Mar 14, 2019
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Hi Petra,


Let's look at this from customer's point of view. The customer is a  30 million dollar a year retailer, their Accounts Payable personnel are swamped having to pay thousands of bills a month, instead of having to pay me 4 times a month, they only do a single payment once a month. Convenient for them and not a real problem for me. I've been working for them for several months and have had no problems with them.




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Janet A Member Since: Feb 1, 2019
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Many companies and freelancers are fine with monthly contracts and monthly payment.   We do wish Upwork would provide this feature without having to use fixed price.  I am also a freelancer and have to submit my taxes and 3 invoices a quarter vs 12 to translate is a concern for me.   The hourly limit on a weekly basis is impossible to manage.   Lots of business work is monthly, with some peak work in a few days of the month with small amounts of time required throughout the rest of the month.  Look at an accountant,  lots of time at month end closing and a few hours the rest of the month.  If i use a weekly contract, I have to set the hourly limit high such as 20 hours a week or 100 hours a month, when the total work is 30 hours a month.    The other way I handled this in the past was to have the company set the weekly limit high and I only submitted one bill using manual time the last week of the month...again just a hack to get around the need to be able to work monthly.