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More AI nonsense.

As far as I'm concerned, every single applicant to this 'job' should be instabanned.


In case the image gets zapped for some reason, it's a 'job' post that says nothing other than a name repeated four times

And it has 20+ applicants

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I'm willing to bet that before the Upwork mods even try to understand why you're saying this (which is absolutely and fully justified), they will censor the image rather than consider a solution to the actual problem you're highlighting.

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One bot posted job, other applying. Upwork happy to take 8 connects from each and post fake AD we are have "many jobs". 

You are posted very bright example "What is Upwork now". You can share this mem and collect lot of likes. 😁

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Cheap!  Only 8 connects to answer this wonderful offer. It's a "writting jab"!

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Hum, let's to a search if the two other jobs offerer are just as good...

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Can someone more AI-conversant than me - i.e. anyone - explain what is going on with this mass applying ? Obviously even here it's impossible that 20+ people are going to apply for this non-job. Are there bots involved, and what would be the purpose of this?

It's software/bots that apply on the freelancers behalf.


The software is supposed to be helping the freelancer behind it to win more jobs by bidding more. Except it's obviously a waste of their money in this case.

What's worse is that the same bots will be applying to legitimate jobs as well. En masse.

So they get the Connects refunded if they don't get into the top 4 spots and get the Connects refunded if they get an interview/job offer? It hardly seems worth trying anymore then as the Connects now seem self-perpetuating if you've already got loads of them.

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