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More and more contracts with very very low budget, mostly from eastern contry



I remember that when i started being a freelancer illustrator on Upwork I didnt see many of those jobs form Pakistan, India, Philipines etc... for most of all, they all have a budget of 5 to 50$, and the rest of the interesting jobs are less common then before. 

Am I the only one to notice it?


Thanks everyone!



I have only been on Upwork since January 2017 and not sure about reoccuring trends.  However, in the five months I have noticed what appears to be a downward trend in "budget rates" from when I first got on.  I only look for voice work as that is what I do so not sure about other areas.  It seems like the clients have realized that if they all set their rates low freelancers will either be forced to take the jobs at those rates or look elsewhere.  Again, haven't been here long enough to know if this is normal or/and a regular trend.  


Recently I have found myself taking on jobs for lower rates as there just really isn't that much work popping up...which sadly reinforces a "lower rate" environment.  Would like to know from other long time Upwork freelancers if this something new or a reoccuring trend?

I’ve been freelancing for over 5 years now.  I initially started with Elance and oDesk, which then became Upwork.   I also use other less popular freelance sites but my line of work is not as prolific on these other sites.

I’m writing because I have noticed from late 2016 and now into 2017 it is becoming more difficult to get jobs and that the number of freelancers on Upwork has EXPLODED!.  Do you find it more difficult to get jobs now than before?  

Over the years I have worked hard to get good reviews and provide great service which has earned me a lot of jobs, positive ratings, and a lot of clients returning for more work.  However now I sense a real change perhaps due to the increasing saturation of freelancers.  I’ve spoken with other freelancers in different fields that also work through Upwork and they express the same frustration lately.

Since my work ethic and proven track record remains solid the only thing that seems to have changed is the increasing number of freelancers.  The increasing saturation and higher number of bids drives prices down to ridiculous amounts—$2 to $5 for an entire job?  Really?  After you calculate Upwork’s 20 percent take those jobs are hardly worth the effort.  While it’s easy to dismiss the $2 to $5 jobs as an exception and not the norm, this “race to the bottom” bidding still brings the overall average bid down considerably.  

The math for Upwork makes one ponder as well.  How do you measure true growth?  One of many measures is the increasing pool of freelancers using Upwork but with a swelling number of freelancers trying to earn jobs with lower bids it would seem to undercut profit for Upwork as well. This business model seems to be inverse by decreasing potential earnings.

I would be interesting in hearing from others on this issue.

Well with more Freelancers comes additional profit (so I would think?) as you may have increase in monthly memberships and purchases of "connects."  I don't spend as much (if anything) on "connects" now but I did initially when I started on Upwork.   Well at this point it's all speculation but obviously Upwork would have all the data pertaining to client/freelancer trends (i.e. freelancer/client numbers, rate trends, etc. etc.).  I quickly have come to the realization that for me I have to branch out to multiple sites and community/regional opportunities to sustain & grow as a freelancer. 


Pascal, I wonder whether perhaps the mix of postings you're seeing is skewing in that direction due to the new option for clients to limit postings to US-based freelancers?

Thanks for the quick responses and thank you Tiffany


I am not sure of what i am seeing exactly but what i hope is that the situation change soon

I have other profiles on other platforms and is the same problem, it's not Upwork only.

Once i have been top rated i received a couple of offers then i had a new special offer tab

with special offers in that stopped updating a few weeks ago.


and now it's mostly 5$ budget from Bengladesh or Islam Abaad!