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More views than submitted proposals

Hi Everyone,


I have noticed that there are more views than proposls against my submitted proposls. For example,  there are 10 views on my only 4 submitted proposals so far. Any commnet on this mismatch numbers. 




Hi Amir,


Thank you for reaching out to us. Please note that your profile views are the number of distinct people who visited your profile. This report also shows if your availability badge was on or off each day and how many Connects you used on the availability badge. We update the number each time someone views your profile. 


On the other hand, under your Proposals section, this is the number of proposals you’ve sent, how many of those were viewed by clients, and how many of those resulted in interviews or hires. This report also shows whether you boosted proposals and how many Connects you’ve used to boost.


You may want to check this help article to learn more about your "My Stats" page. I hope this clarifies your concern.


~ Arjay
Community Member

Dear Arjay,


Thanks for the clarification. I will contact you if any further details required.



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