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Moving a client to Contract

Hey All,


I am trying to move a client from messages to undercontract. I am also trying to get a contract into upwork so it can all run through upwork. Can anyone help me figure this out?




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Thank you so much for helping me through this! I think mine is missing the "create new contract" button.. Can you see the below  screen shot?

Screenshot 2023-11-27 at 11.03.04 AM.png


Hi Sara,


Thank you for reaching out to us and raising this query. Please be aware that only clients can send you an offer and establish a contract for a job. Allow me to explain how it works. After you accept an invitation or send a proposal, the client may or may not choose to respond. If a client responds, the invitation or proposal becomes an active candidacy, and a message room is created for you and the client to discuss the project further. 


That said, we provide secure tools for clients and freelancers to communicate directly from the Upwork platform. Once a freelancer accepts a client's offer, you can choose to share your contact information and use other tools to manage your project, too.


You may continue coordinating with the client via Upwork Messages for an interview and negotiation. Hopefully, you'll get to an agreement and establish a contract with the client. Then, you can accept and proceed with the project.


~ Arjay
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Thank you Arjay! Really appricate it!

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