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Moving to a different country

I will be moving to a different country and I have read how to change the country in my profile. However, the change will imply a new VAT number, since I am planning to change my legal residency. How that would work? This has tax implications about where to pay income taxes. 

May be closing the account in my current country and then open a new account in the new place? But then it would  be like starting from scratch.  


Hi Lino,


You do not need to close your account and start from scratch after moving to a different location. You can simply update your new Tax information on your profile here once you've changed your location on your Upwork profile. Please make sure you have an appropriate visa type or permit to work in a country you are situated in and pay taxes accordingly. Laws vary greatly from country to country. We always advise consulting with a legal advisor or government website on your new country's tax laws.


Thank you.


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I am planning to move to australia and If I change the address, would tax of Australia apply on my previous ongoing upwork projects. As I have taken these projects residing in Pakistan in cheap rates, the Australian tax things are a lot heavier for me.

Hi Muhammad,


It would be best to contact a local tax advisor as Upwork does not give advice related to tax. This is to ensure you will be provided with the most accurate and updated information in the country where you reside.

~ AJ

Hi Ali, did you get to know the answer to that? I hv a similar situation.

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