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Moving to another country/Traveling

Hello, guys!

It is likely that I will move to another country in the nearby future. I have yet to make a decision though. As I understood, I would have to update my location if I ultimately decide to move to another country. What is the process like?

Do I still have to update my location if I stay in another country for 3-6 months but return to my home country afterwards?

PD: You all are great. I have found these forums to be of great help. Thank you. Keep up the good work. THANKS!

Hi Vicente,


The address displayed on your profile should reflect your physical location. Please keep in mind that your account may be flagged for location inconsistencies. If you're moving to a different country, you'll need to update your address as it should be your real, permanent address. This is for tax purposes. When you make the change, you must be logged in to Upwork from the country you are changing to. There is no process other than going to your Settings > Contact Info and updating your address in the location section.


I'm glad to hear you find the Community helpful!


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