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Mpesa Withdrawal not Received for Over Six Days

Hello Upwork Community,

I am a Kenyan freelancer. Last Wednesday, I made a withdrawal to Mpesa but failed to receive the funds for over 24 hours. I then made an inquiry with Upwork support and after my issue was forwarded to the Upwork payment team, I got a message back on Friday asking that I provide an Mpesa statement covering the duration since I initiated the withdrawal. I complied and was informed through another email, this time on Saturday, from the payments team that the trace had been initiated and would be contacted once that was complete. However, I have not received any further communication from the payments team since Saturday morning, even after leaving them further messages. My withdrawal has yet to be deposited to Mpesa or to be returned to my Upwork balance and it has now been six days since withdrawal. I am very concerned because I am not sure is this is something anyone on the community has been through. Any help I can get to expedite the resolution will be highly appreciated. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Wiliam, 


I will go ahead and follow up with the team handling your case so that they can get back to you and assist you further. In order for the team to assist you more efficiently, please refrain from filing a new ticket for the same issue. The team will get back to you on Ticket #27735091 with more information. 

~ Avery

Thank you so much Avery, I have been assisted and the funds refunded to my account. Sorry about the multiple tickets, I just got a bit concerned, in retrospect maybe a bit unnecessarily with the lack of traction with the issue since Saturday. My sincere gratitude once again and have a nice day. 

This happened to me 3 days ago and they refunded money in my account. Now I want to withdraw but am afraid of using mpesa anymore. After the refund, did you try mpesa again? How was it?

Hey Sulemani. I have been using Mpesa without any problems since then. Just make sure that when you're withdrawing the Mpesa maximum balance and daily allowable transaction limit is not surpassed once you factor in the amount you are withdrawing. That was the issue that had caused my delay.
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