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Multilanguage webshop: Translation + Integration Wordpress + Customer service

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Camiel V Member Since: Feb 21, 2014
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Hi valued Odesk friends, question: we are looking to sell our products across the EU. For us making a Wordpress site in Dutch + English is ok. We can also do customer service. But we like to add additional languages, like German, French, Italian etc. Are there any providers specialized in this kind of service? It would be a combination of translation + integration into Wordpress + customer service follow up (as we do not speak those other European languages so good). If we were to make a job posting on Odesk should we split this job into translation, then Wordpress, then customer-service or are there providers that can supply the complete package? In the last case, what kind of keywords should we use? Looking forward to your advice, Hope you are well and happy, Camiel
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André U Member Since: Dec 5, 2013
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Hi Camiel I am currently translating a Dutch webshop for Chinese electronic devices from English into German (I tracked 50h so far). The translations are either directly via an admin panel (the translation of every single string) or via an external website. In my case, my client uploaded some files on "". Don't ask me how that works for you, but for us translators it is really comfortable. Maybe you could have a look at that. As per the customer service, darren is absolutely right. It highly depends on the work load. For example: I am translating a blog from English to German and handle the comment section and forward any requests etc. This does not take too much time and I can track some hours here and there. Quite nice actually. Just post your translation job first and I'm sure that some of the translators will automatically be interested in being part of your customer service. Don't forget to invite me as your German translator. Smiley Tongue Just kidding, I'll see your job posting myself and will apply then. Greetings, André Ueckert
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Exp U Member Since: Oct 29, 2014
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A multilingual Wordpress site is no problem at all...this plugin for the structure: {***NOTE: The qTranslate is locked to the Wordpress version. When a Wordpress update comes out, you have to wait for the qTranslate update before updating Wordpress, otherwise you can have problems.} ...and then you take your per-page content and get it translated for as many languages as you require. I use a service that is a coalition of translators that cover most European languages so I only have to send my original (English) copy off and I get it back in all the languages I need. There are a few translation shops like this floating about. Customer support is a little trickier because it depends how much time it's going to take up. If there's only a few support requests weekly one person could handle it by running support requests/responses through a translation service. If you need a lot of support then you're going to have to hire at least one support person per language. The approach differs depending on the scale of your operation. EDIT: The practicalities of running a multilingual website: -You can't go live with a new product/page until you have all your translations in, otherwise it looks amateurish and can easily spiral out of control. So you need to either: 1) Allow time for it or: 2) Keep multiple translators for each language (and you still have to budget the time for the translations). You don't want to be trying to find an Icelandic translator the day before a product launch. -Remember that each language you add increases the time, expense and number of people you have to deal with to do anything. Don't just add languages because it seems like a good idea at the will still be costing you real money years later. As an addendum to that, people can get really sniffy if you remove a language. Really sniffy. So add them with care and ask yourself if you really need it beforehand.