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Multiple clients unresponsive for many months but afraid to close the contract


I am a freelance writer and over the last couple of years I've gone through several dozen clients only to have some completely disappear after a few milestones are completed. The problem is if I close the contract it will reflect badly on my job success score because I won't get any feedback from any MIA clients. I've done this in the past and it lowered my "Long Term Clients" recommendation score dropped to 50%. I'm worried my job success score will plummet and I'll lose my top rated signifier if I close a bunch of contracts all at once. 

Right now I have 11 contracts open but only a couple have been active in the past few months. It not only creates a mess on the My Jobs tab but I feel it reflects badly on any potential new clients when it looks like I'm working with over 10 simultaneous clients at once. How can I close these contracts without it affecting my recommendation score? 


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Close the jobs one at a time, doing so in between successful completion of jobs which receive feedback from the clients.


Work your way toward having no inactive contracts.

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If you close those jobs all at the same time, yes, it will affect your JSS. Close one and then wait until you have a few sucessful jobs with feedback then close another one etc. 

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