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Multiple "known issues" that do not get solved for weeks or months

In recent weeks and months Upwork moderators have acknowledged multiple bugs and "known issues" that have been brought up and discussed repeatedly on this forum. They keep assuring freelancers that Upwork's "engineers" are "working on them" (I'm putting these words in quotes because they increasingly sound like euphemisms to me), yet they remain unresolved. Off the top of my head, here are just a few I know of and have personally experienced, and I'm sure there are others that I'm missing:


- dysfunctional message notifications

- missing Save Search function

- eligible weeks not changing

- screeen freeze after you flag a job post

- and of course, a massive spam problem


All of these bugs and issues coexisting for weeks and months without being fixed by Upwork's "engineers" are raising doubts about the platform's credibility. Why aren't there multiple posts under Announcements to inform users what is being done to address these issues and when to expect a more stable platform that doesn't throw up bugs all the time? Instead, all we get is mods giving individual replies that they have "opened a ticket" and that "someone from the team will get back" to whoever is reporting one of these problems.


Freelancers are not asking for charity when we report these issues -  the fees we pay should be used at least in part to provide a professionally managed platform and hire professional engineers who can actually solve glitches, bugs and technical issues. 

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Totally agree. But I do feel for the Mods as they are just being told what to do by their bosses, which is essentially, "stall."

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Absolutely agree! A month has passed and nothing is fixed! One wonders how many 'engineers' are on it.

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