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My Account Was Hacked Today - No Upwork Reply Yet

Hello, Well, that, my main account was hacked today, I don't have access to my account as email was changed without my autorization. 


Live support is not available as I don;t have access to the account, what can I do?.

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Hi Julio,


I see you have already submitted tickets about this issue. I'll follow up with our Security team about them and they'll investigate the issue you are reporting. They will reply to you directly via a ticket.

~ Valeria

Yeah, they reply was for me to wait 48 hours 😕 ... the thing is they deleted my profile and changed my email, gods only know what else they did so far. 


There must be like a critical option on support .. 48 hours for hacking incident, are you serious?.



Our team has done everything necessary to secure your account. They will communicate with you directly via email. Unfortunately, for security reasons, we won't be able to share any further information here in the public Community.

~ Valeria
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*raises eyebrow*

”My main account”?

I raised an eyebrow too....then the other one joined in.

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