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My Account Was Suspended With No Notification


I am a new player in Upwork, joined in aroud 3days ago, I just finished my identification review and my first contract with client. However today I find that my account was suspended, but there is no notification as per why my account was suspended. 


The condition when it happens, 

- Identification reviewed

- Havent fill the tax detail yet

- Havent fill the payment detail yet

- Finished 1 contract

- Have 1 interview, however client has hire another freelancer and notify me he is sorry that he cannot hire me, which i think quite normal. 

- I shared the client feedback through the share button to my linkedin to strengthen my profile


I also checked my mail, and no notification other than I was accounted as a rising talent by today.


Can anybody help me with this? I tried customer service but it goes on loop since i dont know why the reason my account got suspended. It is a very uncomfortable situation since I am new, excited to collaborate and just finished my first contract..


Hi Sito,


I can see that you already have an open ticket regarding this issue. One of our agents will update your ticket and assist you further. 

~ Joanne
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