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My Client Feedback is not showing on my profile Yet

Hi Upwork Team,

My client mistakenly ended the project in startup without payment and he did not give me feedback as well.After that i requested him for $1 bonus  and feedback.He has given $1 bonus and feedback but it has been three days still my client feedback is not showing on my profile.You can check the picture below of my profile and a proven picture that my client send to me.Contract id number is 24170758 please guide me.



My Profile Screenshot


 Screenshot (170).png


Why do you keep posting and sending pms over the same thing over and over again?


Your client has not left feedback. But it doesn't matter, because you have received payment, and that is the the important part. Your screenshot does not show feedback, it shows what the client wrote as a description for the bonus they paid. That is not feedback. The client did not leave feedbak.


You really need to let it go and stop harassing the client.

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