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My Client is greedy for few bucks and asks for a minor refund even though I did all the work.

My Client is greedy for few bucks and asks for a minor refund even though I did all the work.


"However It doesn't go well with my ethics even if it is a small payment."


With all due respect, I am a freelancer, I had some problems with my client recently. So, the client was not responsive from over a month, and at the end, he asked me to refund the money.


I had worked hours and hours working on his project even though he was not responding. So, when he came back He told me that he need a refund for the project. 


I didn't send him any refund, as I was feeling cheated as the client didn't communicate with me properly and then suddenly he asks for refund. 


"Sometimes it is the fault of the Client as I experienced." 


Any solution for the situation?


Sometimes clients just want to be heard.


If it was me, I would probably ask the client why he is asking for a refund.


If the client just wants a small token refund, I would not hesitate to grant that refund, if it makes him feel better.

For example, the client paid me $100, but feels he should get $5 back because of some reason or another. I would quickly grant that request, and not think twice about the ethics of it. Because I would rather not waste time communicating about why he does or does not deserve a $5.00 refund.


What are the exact numbers you're dealing with here?

If it was $5 - $20 Refund, I won't hesitate for the payment.


I know even If I will give him  the refund, he is not going to provide me any positive feedback.

Why should I waste any amount of money with the person I do not trust?


Believe me, I have worked more than enough for the project price. 


I have never got a negetive feedback from any client till now ( 6 Years Upwork Career)

So what is your actual question?

My question is regarding nagotiation. Is it good to refund amount to the client even if we are doing good work? How to tackle these situations in future?

Personally I would say, no, it’s not a good idea to automatically give partial refunds. If I knew I were in the wrong, I’d give a refund without hesitation but you just said it yourself: you know things went badly and that you’re going to get poor FB regardless. There’s nothing to gain in refunding unless there’s more to this story. I’m just basing this answer on your posts.



You have a right to be fairly compensated for your labor. That is, in fact, what contracts are all about. I personally would never allow refunds for services rendered, and once the client has entered into a contract, they must honor its Terms.

If your contract is Hourly, you have some protection. If your contract if Fixed Rate, good luck.

The dispute process is long and uncertain, but you should protect your work.




If the amount of refund is Less than $200, would the client go for mediation, (Which is $291) of course  higher than the amount. Lol I am curious what he will do next. 

I am sure he will end up project and give a negative feedback in frustration. 


My first Negetive feedback in 6 years of service to upwork. I am laughing. Smiley LOL

Pankaj K wrote:

If the amount of refund is Less than $200, would the client go for mediation, (Which is $291)

Mediation is free.

Arbitration (if mediation fails) is $ 291 and is only relevant for fixed rate contracts.

Thank you for this information. 

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