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My Financial Account not resumed for 6+ Days although Resolved with Client already

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Kritii B Member Since: May 5, 2013
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I had One bad experience with the Client . And I almost work for him like 300$ on Hourly job. suddenly out of the Blue , he thinks the job was poor (keeping in mind that i have completed almost 50 jobs with 4.93 overall profile Rate) and blaims me for all the bugs on the site . He even contacted ODesk and Odesk responded that the client is not eligible for the refund . Then , AGAIN , he complained on ODesk that i have delivered a very poor quality Job , and wants his money back , ODesk then without any notification suspended my Financial Account . Soon After I found out my account was suspended , I reached out the Client . We (Me & Client) Came into Mutual Understanding and Decided to refund All (Although all the job was genuine and i refunded just because i was advised Full Refund would reinstate my account Very soon ). then I refunded the Client . Client Even Contacted Support Multiple times to reinstate my account but not happening even on the 6th day today already . I was advised to refund although there wasnt enough balance on my account . out of 300$ all the money is already refunded to his Account and only 5$ is pending . Thats Outstanding . is that might the Issue . is it due to that 5$ my account financial Status still not resumed ??? Anyone ?? Anyone can help me on this ??
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You've answered your own question: [quote]i was advised Full Refund would reinstate my account Very soon[/quote] If there's still $5 outstanding then it's not a full refund.