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My First Successful Invitation in Upwork

For the first time in my Upwork history, I received an invitation that actually ended up well. I’d say 90% of invites I get are from clients that don’t even take a look at my profile. I clearly state that I only translate from English and French into Spanish, but I keep getting invites to any possible combination other than these. I have even been invited to translate to languages that are not even mentioned in my profile. Maybe the same algorithm that sends those funny “act fast” messages tells people I’m a good fit for these jobs?


The other 10% of the times, I never hear back from the client. However, this week someone contacted me, we negotiated a fixed price for a short translation job, and I successfully completed it to his satisfaction. Does this happen to other people? I know many of you don’t even have to send proposals to get new jobs, so maybe this is due to the tremendous competition in my field combined with Upwork’s algorithms not being very good at spotting the right person for a translation job.


Anyway, I’m really happy about this. It feels like a milestone that I was finally able to reach Smiley Happy


One of the earliest jobs I ever completed on Upwork was actually an invitation, and it all went really well!

I'd say some invitations fall through, but the funniest one I had was when I received an invitation for a 'Female Voice Over' job, and they didn't realise I'm male. In all fairness, Chris is a pretty gender neutral name and I do have long hair, but it was pretty funny!