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My JSS is 86% without any solid reason?

Finally after my fifth project today I got JSS but I dint know why it's 86% as completed my 5 jobs well and all my clients are delighted from my work, and each also gives me 5 Start but then why my JSS is 86%, Please anyone help.



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Mohammed K.,


Clients are allowed to leave private as well as public feedback. No one outside Upwork (including you) can see this private feedback.


Because some/many/most clients don't want to argue with freelancers about non-5 star feedback (or they just aren't honest), they leave sterling public feedback and very different private feedback.


We have been told this private feedback plays a very large part in the calculation of the JSS, compared to the public feedback you can see, which has little effect on the JSS calculation.


Getting a JSS of 86 is not the end of the world, but freelancers and some/many/most clients are conditioned to believe that any feedback that is less than perfect is unacceptable. Your only solution is to look back at the projects you have completed and try to figure out where you fell short - this is not something some/many/most clients will be fair and honest about.


And then try to make sure your future projects benefit from whatever improvements you can make, so your client feedback improves. And don't avoid submitting proposals on open jobs you think are a good fit for your skills where a minimum JSS of 90 is "required" by the client. For some clients and some projects, this "requirement" is more of a guideline than a hard rule.


Good luck.

I don't think that any of my clients give me bad private feedback, they are really happy from the work because I deliver the work with high quality and very cheap price, and with unlimited revisions, and what I know from their messages they are very much happy, can you check my profile please,

Mohammed K.


Only certain Upwork employees can know exactly why your JSS is 86 and they never post messages on this board or provide that information to freelancers in private.


No one who does post messages on this board knows exactly why your JSS is 86, though you may be given some useful theories and possibillities.

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