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My JSS is gone, my top rated badge is replaced by rising talent (after years of using upwork)


   I have been using uwork for years at least 5+ years, recently I noticed that my JSS is gone (no bad ratings nothing, actually good ratings only), my top rated badge was replaced by rising talent (after years of being on upwork). Now when I bid it of course impacts how client sees my profile (their is huge difference between top rated and rising talent). What should I do ? last time when I had issues with JSS it took Upwork months to fix it. Should I wait on bidding? as I think this would be waste of connects.


Thanks for all the help



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Anything older than 24 months (2 years) is no longer considered. Since you only have a few jobs for a recent history, it is like starting from the beginning when it comes to badges and JSS.



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Shopie A, this https://support.upwork.com/hc/en-us/articles/211068358-Job-Success-Score says different.I have 5 jobs in last 24 months all great ratings, 2 continous (still in progress), I noticed my JSS is 100% just the badge is gone 🙂 .

Their ratings system is a bit of a mess because they just don't 'count' jobs that you may have held more than 24 months, which is basically punishing freelancers for being able to keep long-term clients.  If anything, a freelancer's JSS should be 'boosted' for being able to keep clients longer or for having repeat clients that hire them over and over. Instead, the JSS system values constant 'job hopping' over building long-term relationships with clients. It actually hurts freelancers that work in industries where multi-month and multi-year projects are the 'norm', leading to jobs that often last more than a year or 2.  'Success' means different things for each freelancer depending on which industry they work in. "Success" to UW, on the other hand, means collecting the largest 'fees' possible, as often as possible.  I think from UW's stand-point they prefer freelancers to change jobs as often as possible because UW gets a larger 'cut' of the money at the beginning of each new contract with a new client

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Maybe 5 jobs over 2 years is not considered as consistent work, which is one of the criterias for Top Rated.

so if I have fulltime jobs in progress for two years, it will just break my ratings, JSS and top rated badge? sorry may be I am a bit confused, does this mean we should not take any long term & full time jobs?

Here are the criterias for Top Rated





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Hi Imran, 

I'm sorry for the delay; I had to look into this further. It looks like you're already being assisted through a support ticket. There seems to be an issue where your account is affected. Once the team has more information, they will contact you through your ticket thread to assist you further. 

~ Avery

Thank you Avery, really appreciate your help. It seems its now back to top rated.

Just noticed when I see my profile, logged in, it shows top rated and when I open in incognito (without login) it shows Rising Talent, but thanks, I will keep checking the ticket. I appreciate your help.

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