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My Name Was Changed

This is quite strange. Before I took a nap, which was about an hour ago, my profile showed my complete name. Now it's just my first name and the initial of my last name. I'm pretty sure I didn't change it! oDesk, is this another bug?
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This is so weird... I see your full name on your profile, but not here in this thread. Here, I see your first name and the initial of your last name.
That was what actually caught me by surprise Natasa. Imagine waking up and seeing that your profile name was changed (at least how it was presented). I raised a ticket already and it has been closed as resolved. Apparently, it was because the display option in my profile shows First Name, Initial of Last Name. I didn't make any changes to how my name is displayed. Support says that it might be a system glitch. I was concerned that there might be a security breach, but they said that they did a thorough check and found none. I really have no problem with how my name is displayed. It's the changes being made without my consent that worries me.
Seems there is an issue with private profiles being visible (or public/oDesk user only profiles being hidden)
Lots of things going on at profiles without us being informed..I see the same as Natasa, totally weird.

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I actually changed the name displayed in my profile to my full name after communicating with support. I was expecting that all other areas where my name is displayed will also change afterwards, but didn't. Looks like oDesk is becoming more weird everyday...
There is a setting: Profile --> My Public Profile --> Display name ...where you can (usually!) change from full name to first name/initial Probably broken if you didn't change it yourself.