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My Problem

I am sk sohel

I'm new to oDesk. Registered an account at the beginning of January. At first, everything went very well, I finished three contracts and received their responses. Information in the profile is filled to 100%. But about 3-4 day ago, my profile was restricted rights. I can still respond to the new job. Because instead of pressing "Apply to this job" I have displayed:
"Your profile is being reviewed. It must be approved before you can apply to jobs."

And on my profile page clears the displayed inscription:
"Your profile is under review
You should hear back within 48 hours. You will be able to apply to jobs once your profile is approved."

But it has been much more than 48 hours (more than three weeks!).
I wrote about this issue in the "oDesk Help Center", but did not get so far no response.

Therefore, I am writing this post. Administration can answer my question:
How can I continue to work on oDesk? And why my account was restricted? What is my fault?

Thanks in advance for your reply.

Attached a screenshot of my profile page. And a screenshot of the page with a new job.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Sk,


oDesk Team conducts routine reviews of freelancer profiles to make sure profiles meet our quality standards. Please, revise your profile overview and title to fix spelling errors. Make sure you capitalize words where appropriate. Once you revise your profile and fix the errors, please re-submit it for another review.


Thank you!

~ Valeria