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My Profile is not getting views since I changed a minor spelling in my name.

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Muhammad R Member Since: Nov 10, 2020
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I started my Upwork account in November.  I'd written my name as 'Mohammad Rizwan'. After getting my first job, I used to receive daily invites for the projects also my profile was getting 7 to 10 views per week. But when Upwork asked to verify my identity I changed my name from 'Mohammad' to 'Muhammad', just changed O with U. 

Since then, I had not received any invites, my profiles didn't get any views even though I sent more than 50 proposals in 2 months and I was also hired. But I am not getting any views and invites.

What should I do now? Should I change my name as it was previously written? or is there any other solution for that. 

Kindly help in this regard.

M. Rizwan