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My Profile is not ranking on Upwork!

I've been using Upwork for quite a while now, and I've built an impressive profile on the platform. My profile has achieved the prestigious Top Rated Plus status, and it showcases a substantial number of completed jobs, positive reviews, and a significant amount of working hours. However, I am increasingly concerned about my profile's ranking. It seems that when I search for keywords like 'Graphic Designer,' other profiles with fewer jobs, lower ratings, and a lower profile status are ranking higher than mine. This doesn't align with the expectation that freelancers who have accomplished more should be ranked higher than those who have achieved less.


Kindly suggest me something that could either help me or how I could reach the higher ups to resolve this. Visit my profile and review it.  


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I looked at your profile and noticed that you don't have the skill category Graphic Design selected in your skills list. You have it selected for your Graphic Design specialized profile, but not your main profile.


Also, in your Graphic Design specialized profile, you have several skill categories under Industry and Other Skills that have nothing to do with graphic design. These skill categories/keywords help position your profile in search results, and irrelevant skill categories won't help.


Since you have been on Upwork for a while, I'm sure you know that Upwork's search algorithms adjust to allow more visibility for different freelancers with varying statuses. Upwork values the reputation built by long-time freelancers and Top-Rated and Top-Rated Plus freelancers, and your profiles will show prominently in searches when your skills and work histories match the client's requirements. However, new freelancers--more specifically, Rising Talent freelancers--are also mixed in with these results.


Plus, search results are shown on a rotating basis, and they won't be the same from week to week. Hundreds (if not thousands) of freelancers are joining and leaving the marketplace every day, so search results fluctuate. If you perform the same search a month from now, you will probably get a different result.


There are other factors included in Upwork's search algorithms, but many of them are not revealed publicly; too many people would become "Upwork SEOs" and game the system if those other factors were known.

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Thank you Clark, for the response.

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I am facing the same problem. My profile is not ranking. Would you please visit my profile and review it . Thanks.


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Make sure you have a professional profile picture

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