My Top Rated Eligible week not updated still?

My Top Rated Eligible week not updated it is still the same as last week and not updated , does it take more time?


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It will get updated once in two weeks. Lastly on August 30th. So next update will be on next Sunday

Not the JSS , the top rated eligible weeks

Normally it updates around 10 ~ 11 AM on Monday IST

Will I get Top Rated Badged once the top rated eligible weeks turn to 13 weeks out of 16 or should I change to 14 weeks.

You can see the calculation table here :

And you will have to wait to get the badge till the next JSS update if you are eligible.

This will give you more details.

Thanks to @Petra R

So should I wait till coming sunday?

To get the badge, yes.. 


From yesterday I am 13 weeks out of 16 in Top Rated eligible weeks, but there is no update for some reason?
And there is update for Profile views, as you can see in the attachment.
Any idea when this will happen? 

Hi Stevan,


To add eligible weeks you need to get your JSS above 90% and keep it there long enough for the ineligible weeks to start falling out of the 16-week window.  You have to look at the eligibility weeks as a rolling 16-week window. Please check the graph included in this help article and refer to the information shared in the Calculating Top Rated Eligible Weeks section.

~ Bojan

Hi Bojan,
Yes, that is the case, weeks where I was below 90% are fading out, and now should week (where I am above 90%) no.13 start, but there is no update. It was usually during the Sunday afternoon, but now nothing is happening, as you can see from my attachment...

So, any idea what is happening?

Hi Stevan,


Upon checking, the current stats scores are accurate. The updated eligible weeks may reflect on the next calculation. 

~ Joanne

Stevan G wrote:

From yesterday I am 13 weeks out of 16 in Top Rated eligible weeks, but there is no update for some reason? 

Why do you think so? 

"12 out of 16" means that there are 4 non-eligible weeks in your 16 week window. Those 4 weeks have to work their way all the way through your 16 week window, until they start falling out.


If you had 4 consecutive non-eligible weeks, it tends to stay at 12 out of 16 for 13 weeks



I understand that chart, but that still doesn't explain why is last updated on Aug 30......
JSS is updated on August 30 and the next time it will be on September 13, but why 

Top Rated eligible weeks are not updated?

Freelancer that started this topic, if you look up, had the same questions about week 13, two days ago, and he now has the top rated badge. So, week update worked for him, obviously...

Things are getting stranger and stranger with the spacetime continuum.... 😄