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My Upwork account has been hacked

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Jonathan S Member Since: Jun 13, 2015
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the account operated by my wife has been hacked. Emails changed passwords changed. I am helpless please can someone help me.

Community Guru
Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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It is unfortunte that your wife's Upwork account has been hacked.


(Of course, you mean "account," not "accounts.")


I hate to tell you this, but your wife is going to have to contact customer support. They might not deal with you because they will want to work with the person whose account was hacked.


Bit of a Catch-22, I know. You may think: "I need to contact Customer Support because she can't log into her Upwork account." That is wrong.


She needs to the following page:


This allows a person to contact Customer Support via email WITHOUT logging into their account.


This will require that your wife use a SEPARATE email address than the one associated with her Upwork account.


It is important that your wife does NOT use your email address when she contacts customer support. She should not mention you. She should not use the same computer profile that you use. You should not be in the same room as your wife while she contacts Customer Support. They already suspect that when you refer to your "wife's accounts," that you are actually talking about additional accounts that you operate, using your wife's name. Do not do anything that might further this suspicion.

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Krisztina U Member Since: Aug 7, 2009
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Someone can have accounts when for example they have a freelancer and client, or freelancer and agency, or freelancer and client and agency account. Appart from that, you received some solid advice Jonathan and I would suggest your wife uses the link provided by Preston to contact support ASAP. If other accounts such as Gmail for example have been compromised as well, I would suggest reaching out to Google or whatever other email provider she uses fairly soon. 

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Jonathan S Member Since: Jun 13, 2015
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Thank You Preston for your reply and advice it is much appreciated. This is the first time that such an incident had taken place and our whole family is in shock. The hacker has allready withdrawn the earnings.


I think i may have made matters worse. My wife operates one account and i operate this account on upwork. 



Valeria K Moderator Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi Jonathan,


As Krisztina and Preston suggested on this thread, your wife has to contact our Customer Support as soon as possible. I would also recommend she changes passwords of any other emal accounts she linked with her Upwork account.

~ Valeria
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Lyam B Member Since: Nov 3, 2014
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I thought to change withdrawal methods, they had to answer a secret question and wait a few days? If this isn't the case, surely there should be more safety measures in place to avoid such incidents. 


I'd suggest an opt-in feature where an SMS was sent to a freelancer's phone with a confirmation number should they wish to add/change withdrawal methods. 

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Jaime L Member Since: May 11, 2015
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Your wife should have received an e-mail telling her that funds have been withdrawn and to contact CS if this was not authorized.


Hope that helps.

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Marcelo T Member Since: Jun 16, 2015
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Same here.