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My VAT number is not accepted

I have submitted my VAT number, but the system is not accepting it. I have a valid VAT certificate that proves what my VAT number is. It is in the GB999 9999 99 format. Still thje system is not accepting it.


Hi Peter,

Please check the format shown here. You can add the VAT number by going to Settings > Tax Information. If the tax ID that you submit isn't in the format provided by VIES, Upwork won't be able to validate it. You can check if your VAT number will be validated on the VIES website here. After you submit your VAT number to Upwork,Upwork will validate the number and email you to confirm whether it was validated or declined. We are currently experiencing longer processing times than expected but it typically takes up to 3 business days for Upwork to validate your VAT number.

~ Jo-An


I have already done all these checks three times. It is not that difficult to check a format of GB999 9999 99, I have definitely submitted the correct VAT number.

The VIES is for INTRA COMMUNITY commerce only. That means commerce between 2 companies INSIDE the EU. Upwork's address on their invoices is in California (US), so definitely not inside the EU. If we, as European freelancers sign up to join the VIES, then we have 1 year to provide proof that we've been actually invoicing someone inside the EU (but outside our own country) to justify our registering. If we can't provide those invoices we'll be suspended.. So how's Upwork going to solve that for those who don't serve clients inside the EU and outside their own country? 

Hi Cristina,


Please know that Value Added Tax, or VAT, is a consumption tax assessed on Upwork’s supply of digital services. Upwork charges VAT to freelancers and agencies in certain countries unless specific exemption requirements are met. Upwork is required to collect this tax and pay it to the appropriate government agency.

VAT is assessed on digital services provided by Upwork (i.e. service fees, membership fees, and connect purchases), not on services freelancers and agencies provide their clients. VAT rates are calculated according to the local rate of the freelancer’s country of residence. You can find more information in this help article


Additionally, I checked and it seems that you are already in correspondence with our team on your support ticket. Feel free to follow up directly on your ticket if you have any further questions and our team will be happy to assist you further. 


You mentioned in PM you sent me that you are unable to withdraw your funds. I checked but could not replicate the issue you are experiencing. I would like to clarify that you should be able to withdraw your funds, if not please send us a screenshot of the error message you receive on your end so that we can assist you appropriately. 


~ Nikola
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