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My account doesn't show in the applicants list and can't be searched

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Upul K Member Since: May 17, 2015
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Hope you didn't put "Not Available" in the availability area intentinally or accidentally.

If you are using Upwork Mobile app, that kind of things can be happened accidentally.



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Ricardo T Member Since: Feb 14, 2015
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Today I noticed that my account is hidden.

What I bid is not shown up and my application disappears.

The more frustrated thing is that I even don't see my name in freelancer search.

It is really embarrassing.

Is anybody here who can help me understand the rule of this hidden account problem?


I don't think it's transparent just to make it hidden with no notification at all.


Please help me!!!

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Iftikhar I Member Since: Mar 10, 2015
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I am not so sure but it happen some times when the account get suspended or on hold but mods can give you the exact reason.

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Ricardo T Member Since: Feb 14, 2015
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Thank you so much.

Would you kindly tell me what mods is?

Sorry for my poor English.



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Iftikhar I Member Since: Mar 10, 2015
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It means Moderators here on this forum.

Valeria K Moderator Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi Ricardo,


Please, communicate with Support Team via open ticket. They will be able to provide more information about your account status.


Thank you!

~ Valeria
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Ricardo T Member Since: Feb 14, 2015
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Hi Valeria.

Thank you so much.

Of course I already did communicate with them.

They seem to be responsive for the first reply and it is usually the template answer.

But they don't answer quick when I open it again and send the specific question again.

To my experiences, supoort takes too much time when they need to reply with some usable content.

Now I can't bid and many of my connects are used for nothing.

I spent about 40 connects for nothing and it means I trashed $40 away just for nothing.

I don't think it's reasonable and at least they should inform this before they decide it.


One thing more is that I don't have any reason to have my account hidden.

I hope someone take care of this issue.

It does affect honest freelancer's life terribly.


All the best.

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Ricardo T Member Since: Feb 14, 2015
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Recently my applicant is not shown up.


I'll write here the facts.

I had made a contract with one client who was new to upwork.

I had worked my best and sent the first result.

She happily approved the first milestone.

Things were very good to that time.

But while I worked on the second milestone, upwork sent me a notification that my financial side of account was limited.

Just all of a sudden.

I contacted to her and strongly asked to fix this issue.

I guess it would be because of her bad action like cutting off the payment method.

I understand upwork reviews it so I waited contacting customer support and writing a post here.


Upwork risk management team told sorry to me and remove that limitation.

Like a happy story till here.


But my first milestone is refunded. They say it's because no guarantee for the fixed contract which has payment method issue.

However the worse thing is that my account is now hidden.

All after that limitation is solved.

I can't bid because my connects are gone for nothing.

Weird thing is that freelancer search doesn't show me up also.


I have read about ranking system and it seems like freelancers who refunded several times.

But in my case they are not because of my fault but becuase the clients were bad.

They cut off their payment method after getting the result.

Even approved money was not safe.


Some serious questions.

Why all refunds are considered bad to freelancer? Why doesn't upwork see the source of refund issue?

I worked and did not get paid. In this case is it still fair to keep my job success and the ranking lower?


One more critical question.

Like applicant hidden, freelancer search ignore problems are very critical to the freelancer.

Why does upwork team send no notification at all when decide to hide someone's profile?

They sell the connects but hide the connects when bid. Is it fair?


I really hope someone has a great answer.


All the best.

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Kotov I Member Since: Dec 4, 2015
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Hello, All

I've terrrible problem with my upwork account.

My account is hidden and can't be searched with anything.

My client said that he can't see me even in the hidden list.

I contacted to upwork support team but they always say samething.

They said my feedback score is low, so my account is not in the topic but I've a good feedback.

And also they said if I submitted proposal which is realated my skills then my account will be in the topic but clients can't see me anywhere, how can I work with clients without clients seeing my bid???

Anyone who knows solution, plz help me.

I really want your help.

Thank you.