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My account has been suspended with no reason and explanation!


I've created my account long time ago, got verified and had successful work experience with upwork. Also I was top rated. But suddenly for me and my client my account has been suspended with no reason and explaination! And now I can't reach customer support because there is no ability to do it. The link "contact customer support" simply doesn't work for me. That's why I had to create another account to write a post here. I didn't get any email with explaination of reason why my account was blocked!

So, please I hope for once you could help and support if there's anything that I'm wrong with it just clarify the problem to solve it. My actual accout is https://www.upwork.com/freelancers/~016d1c9febbf8ca2d9

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Dmitry, 

I checked into this for you, and the team handling your account concern will reach out to you through an email support ticket to assist you further. They will reach out through your original account's associated email address. 

~ Avery
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