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My account has been suspended!

 My account has been suspended and I don't know why. I got an email saying that it would not be resotored. Every time that I try and go to the upwork support website, it just takes me back to my upwork profile before I can click on anything. This is unaceptable for upwork. I got no warning, no emails saying that I would need to change something on my account. The only way I found out was when I loged on to send a message to one of my clients that I am currently on an interview with and I saw a message banner saying that my acount had been suspended and that I woud need to contact customer support. Very dissapointed that upwork would put me in this position, and then not allow me to go the the support website to try and find out what is going on. Please help me!

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reply via the email upwork sent you

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