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My account is on hold and I can't submit a ticket

Kind regards.


I created my Upwork account last Thursday around 12:00 AM. I submitted my driver's license as an ID document. However, since then my account has been on hold. It usually takes Upwork 1-2 business days to complete the ID verification process and provide a response. However, more than two business days have already passed (last Friday and this Monday). So I thought I should contact Upwork Customer Support. However, when I try to contact customer support by submitting a ticket the page is blank.


Since I could not find a way to contact customer support I am writing this post. I should have received a response from Upwork about veryfing my ID today. However, that has not been the case and I think the hold will stay for longer if I don't do something. Otherwise, I will be unable to apply or accept job offers which means Upwork would become completely useless to me.


I hope this issue is resolved soon.


Thanks for your time.



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