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My account was blocked twice in a month. help me please

I really like to work at the Upwork. I used to work in companies. I recently created an account at the Upwork as a highly qualified specialist. I am a web developer with a long experience and I know that I will be successful at the back end and can bring a lot of money to your company. In early September, they blocked me and asking for a profile confirmation.
I sent all the documents that I had. Yesterday I tried to fund my account at Apvorka to buy more connections. But I found that my account has a financial error. After that I saw that it was blocked again. I can confirm my identity by video call and give any confirmation to continue the work.
I really like your service but I need the opportunity to work

Regards Bogdan
I ask very much for your help regarding this issue.


Hi Bogdan,


Are you referring to a different account? Please share more information about your concern by sending me a PM. You can PM me by clicking on my name. I'll wait for your message, thanks!

~ Joanne