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My big bucks winning profile $$

Greetings everyone.

It feels great to be back freelancing after working away for 2 years.

My first Freelance work was at Elance and there i worked for +- 5 year . It was great and i made reasonably good money. I also had a super profile and great client reference, and working hours total 3500. 

I would like to use my past Elance portfolio and carry that over here at Upwork.

Can this be done ? 

Your kind assistance if you have the time please . 

( have already opened an account on Upwork) 

Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi John,

Elance users had the opportunity to transfer their Work History to Upwork via the process that was announced back in February 2015 - and available until September 2016. Unfortunately, Elance is not available anymore. There were multiple emails sent to users and "Migrate" button showed on their My Elance page for months

~ Goran
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