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My client end the contract on that day of started the contract

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Rosenie G Member Since: Feb 18, 2015
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I'm irritated of the my new client she ended my contract without possible reason. I couldn't start because it's time for lunch and when I came back to my laptop, Oh my gosh!!! no  new job already.

Could you help me why she end the contract eventhough we've been thoroughly clear or understanding the interviews? I really need a job in odesk but the client wont Smiley Sad

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Patricia Elena Nin E Member Since: Sep 3, 2014
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You can contact the client using a professional tone and ask what happened. Do this a few times (once today, once tomorrow) and if the client doesn’t say anything contact Customer Support and ask them to contact the client.


Avoid expressing your frustration when writing your messages to the client. There is a possibility that there was a misunderstanding.


Good luck!

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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Rosenie, have some self respect and do not contact this client any more. The client wanted somebody who could start work immediately. Do not take it personally. The client doesn't dislike you, she just had work that needed to be done and she enlisted somebody else to do it.

Move on and don't look back. As a sometime-client myself, I can assure you that this client knows where to find you if she wants to hire you again.