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My client forgot to give me feedback earlier. Now she is available to do so but option is not there.

I have a number of open contracts where job was done and clients disappeared since as long as 5 years. I had 100% JSS but when I decided and ended 4 contracts my score lowered down till 81%. In a couple of contracts where I requested my clients to give me feedback but since it was already 14 days later there were unable to give feedback. I used enabled to change the feedback option in order to get their feedback. After a month I received her mail that there is nothing like to allow her to give or to change the feedback score. Now what to do? Its about 3 months past when I ended contract and my client wants to give feedback. What problem I am facing at the moment that I can not apply to the jobs where most of the clients set criteria for 90% JSS as I am below the criteria. I am working on upwork/ Odesk since 2011 and this is the first time it happened to me. Please help me what to do.


Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Ghazala,


Once you enable your client to change the feedback on the contract they will have 14 days to take actions. If no changes are made in this window you will not be able to use the same feature on your contract. Enable to change feedback cannot be used twice on the same contract. I can advise you to work on small fixed price contracts as the feedback received will be included in your calculation a bit faster. Thank you.

~ Goran

Feedback left prior to October 2016 is no longer included in your JSS calculation window. Which means that you have fewer reviews upon which your score is based. The loss of those earlier reviews from your calculation window may have significantly contributed to your drop in score. You'll need to add recent jobs, performed well, to bring it up.