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My client is experiencing a bug.

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Josef M Member Since: Mar 27, 2015
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Hello Upwork.. Odesk (whatever you want to call yourself).

Today my client is experiencing a bug. He created 2 jobs this week. One job (the first job) was created for me exclusively. Another job  (the second job) was an open-job, this job was intended for another freelancer. Today my client was about to hire a freelancer for the second job.

Unfortunately a bug occurred and my client can't hire a freelancer for the second job. It seems that those 2 jobs have merged into 1 job. The second job was still open, but a freelancer was assigned to it. That freelancer is me.


On my end, i only have 1 contract from him (my client). This contract is from the first job. But when i view the original post for the contract, the link open the second job.


A client can create 2 jobs. One job is assigned to a freelancer. The second job is still open, but that client can't hire a freelancer for the second job because that second job is assigned to the freelancer from the first job.

Hahahahahahaha... Odesk. You are so sad, you make me sad... I'm **bleep** super worried about you. 

What the HECK is wrong with you?

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Md Rahatur R Member Since: Apr 17, 2013
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I think your client need to create another team and then can hire a freelancer under the second job.
Something like this happened when one of my existing clients was trying to hire me for another job.