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My client is non-cooperative, abusive and suspects my activities.

Hi guys,


I am Asima, a top rated internet marketer and logged thousands of hours on dozens of successful projects. I have rarely got ratings below 5 stars as most of my clients are more than happy with my services. 

Currently I am working with a client for more than 3 months. This client has strange mood swings and sometimes it's very illogical and insulting for me. In the start of the project he mentioned that he have had a bad experience with some scammer freelancers and he lost his money and time. This client is so stubborn, rude and uncooperative that he will take weeks to be cleared on a necessary step for project proceeding. For example, if I need to upload a data feed to facilitate partners, my client will refuse to provide it. Sometimes he uses very abusive language indirectly to counter my opinion. Sometimes he suddenly feels I am working on other projects while logging hours to his project and that is impossible. I used to send him a weekly report but he asked me to break down my tasks for each hour and I did that too. Recently he asked me to stop logging hours in a very insulting and rude way just after a big breakthrough I have got for him and I cannot continue until I couldn't get him cleared on each and everything.  


My progress on the project is great I think as I have done something that looked impossible for him (brought him some great affiliates to his program with very unusual policies). Other than this, I have sorted lots of problems out. My work diaries are purely filled with the tasks I have worked hard on. Can someone help me to suggest how to deal with such a client and to prevent my profile from getting bad feedback? Can Upwork facilitate me to defend my rights and self respect if it's going to be a disputed job? Can I submit a complaint against this client on a running project to save myself from his wrong actions? If yes, how? 



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re: "My client is non-cooperative, abusive and suspects my activities."


Why are you choosing to work for a client like that?


re: "Can someone help me to suggest how to deal with such a client?"

You can just close the contract right now.


Take charge of the contract.

Ignore most everything the client says, except things that help you understand the client's goals.

Then help the client achieve his goals.

Stop letting the client tell you how to do your job.

Tell the client: "Here is the Franklin account file. Please review this by Friday."


Also: Make sure you LOG EVERY SINGLE MINUTE that you spend working on the project.


If the client says anything abusive, whether is is being rude or using curse words or even insulting your favorite football team, you type this: "Frank: This project is important to you, and it is important to me to help you make it happen. So I'm going to let that statement go. I'll be back in an hour, ready to continue work."


And then you are gone. For an hour. Every time. No variation. Copy and paste the same statement every time he steps out of line. And NEVER explain or defend what you are doing. If he addresses this technique, ignore his comments completely. If he can't figure out that he isn't allowed to speak to you in an abusive manner, then I guess the project may take a while to get done.


You need to understand that this client needs you far more than you need him. Every minute that you spend interacting with this client is a blessing to him... an opportunity for him to learn by your example how real professionals work together.


While you are working for this client, he only has two options:

- your way

- no way

He held my detailed interview and he looked fine to me. He even remained nice in first couple of weeks. 

Thank you Preston for your valueable advice. 

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