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My client is suspended, payment in Review

This is the second contract with this client. First one was all perfect except that he didn't manually approve the payment and waited until the two weeks were done for it to go over automatically. I don't have a problem with that since we were talking about more work at the same time.


This second contract all went well as well, happy with the service and asking for more work from me. In the end, the only reason we did not go ahead was that my fee for that work was too high for them, but they understood, I understood, and we were all happy to continue working together in the future if a project would come up.


Second payment is 2 days away from being automatically approved (it is "in review" right now).  Now my client is apparently suspended.


What is going to happen with my fee? I did the work, they had the fee in escrow, were satisfied with the work... Does this mean I am not getting paid? It is a pretty big fee to lose for me, to no fault of my own...


Anyone knows what is going to happen, and when? I was kind of counting on that money for next month...

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Hi Sandra,


I wasn't able to identify the contract you are referring to and it doesn't look like any of your clients are suspended. Looks like the payments that were in review have already been released to you.

~ Valeria

Yes, literally 30 minutes after posting this, it got resolved.


Thank you anyway!



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