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My client seems to have good charactereistics

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Mark D Member Since: Jun 5, 2014
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Hello, I'm new to oDesk. Skipping the introductions, someone hired me to do an android game. The condition was to finish it in a week 10$/project. Fixed price. The client has reviews, 2 5-stars and a verified payment. 2-3 days, the client answers my questions. Yesterday, I replied. Clients says he's tired, so I gave a break until tomorrow. Now he isn't answering on Skype, I can see the 'online' status. Went to the clients page, all photos are gone. GooglePlay and Apple page-- deleted. I', getting sick every time I think of this. Does this mean, I got burn? Thank you for reading. Edit:The reason why the client didn't respond due to company issues. Although the work was paid, I kinda feel sad seeing this happen to a company. (I can't lock this thread, so I updated it.)